Welcome to the Jacob's Hospice Homes website

Jacob's is a small registered charity which funds and runs facilities for homeless or destitute elderly people in South India.

Jacob's Hospice Homes was founded in the UK in 2005 as a fund raising charity, with the purpose of financing and supporting a project in South India to help elderly people who have nowhere else to turn. Jacob's Care Centre was opened in Tamil Nadu in August 2006.

Why we exist?

Jacob's is non-denominational and accepts any elderly person in need.

It is a terrifying experience to be old and alone; to be frail and homeless. Jacob's is there to provide a sanctuary for those in distress, there is always someone available who cares and who is willing to help.

Many of the poor in India have no pension to depend upon. There are no welfare or social benefits and very little free medical care accessible, so the elderly have to rely on family or friends to provide for them once they are too old or too ill to work. For some this is not an option - these are the people Jacob's exists to help.

How we help?

Jacob's Care Centre accepts those who need shelter, and the Outreach Services provide help to elderly or disadvantaged people in the wider community.

The future depends upon what we do in the present"

Mahatma Gandhi